Gas Station Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspect
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According to an Arkansas gas station clerk, a man walked in a little after 11 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, placed a handgun on the counter and demanded money. However, the clerk was able to obtain a gun he kept behind the counter and shoot the assailant.

The clerk then called 9-1-1 and reported the incident. When police arrived, they discovered a man suffering from a single gunshot wound. Emergency personnel took him to the local hospital, where he eventually died from his injuries. Police later identified the suspect as Brandon Thomas, 19, according to Fox 16. Police are investigating the incident and will submit its finding to the prosecutor’s officer for review.

Arkansas Gas Station Clerk Should Carry Concealed

Having a gun hidden behind the counter worked for this guy; it’s actually not a bad idea to keep a spare in a handy place, especially considering the numerous concealment tools available. However, it is always best to keep the primary handgun on the body in a good concealment holster.

The first reason for this is a clerk might not be behind the counter when an incident begins. Gas stations sell much more than just fuel, including soft drinks, packaged foods, candy and much more. These items must be replaced at different times, often late at night when few customers are inside. This is also when many robbers occur, and if the gun is behind the counter while the clerk is not, the gun is useless. Sure, the robber will probably force the clerk behind the counter, but will most likely go with them, preventing access.

Also a hidden gun could be found, stolen and used against the employees or in another crime. So a good hiding place must be used, or just keep the gun on the body, somewhere around the waist. And those who feel a second is necessary, strap another to the ankle.

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