Charlotte Driver Kills Attacker
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A Charlotte, N.C., man was forced to shoot a stranger who jumped on the hood of his car while driving and smashed his window, killing the stranger in the process. Police are still investigating the Feb. 15 incident to see if the Charlotte driver was justified.

The Incident

The Charlotte Observer reports that 21-year-old Robert Demarcus McManus had punched a woman earlier. He also smashed another car window in the same area. Supposedly, the woman had been just sitting in her car when McManus attacked. Police determined that the pair didn’t know each other.

Then, McManus started jogging down the road, which is where he encountered the driver and jumped on the hood of the car. When the driver came to a stop, police said McManus mashed his window; that’s when the driver pulled his gun and fired.

After pulling the trigger, the driver went about 100 yards down the road and called police. When police arrived, the driver surrendered. Police seized the gun and began its investigation. McManus died from his injuries, so police will submit its findings to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office, which will determine whether to press charges against the driver. However, unless prosecutors press charges, police will not release the name of the driver.

Charlotte Driver Probably Won’t Face Charges

While police refer to the Charlotte Driver as a suspect, he is the victim here. He just happened to be an armed and prepared victim. This, of course, is why people carry guns, in case they happen across someone with issues or bad intent. And while it is possible that mental issues played a part in this incident, it doesn’t change the fact that the driver was not the instigator. If McManus hadn’t broke the window, the driver probably wouldn’t have shot him. In fact, the driver probably would have been justified in shooting when he was on the hood, but the driver showed restraint. Restraint, of course, is always good.

Additionally, the driver showed extremely good sense when he drove on a little ways before calling the police. Sure, the defender needs to be the one to call police. But, this should be done after the danger is over, even if that means a tactical retreat.

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