Constitutional Carry Bills
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While politicians in some states seem to want limit access to guns, other state legislatures are pushing through Constitutional Carry bills. Currently, nine states have bills working through the system. Some will fail, but residents in several states just might soon be able to carry without a permit.

Kentucky and Oklahoma seem likely to be the next states to allow Constitutional Carry. In fact, Oklahoma passed a bill in both houses by a large majority in 2018. However, Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed the bill. This year, members reintroduced the bill, which has already passed the house and the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill now head to the full Senate for a vote, according to KTUL. The bill is expected to pass, which will send it to Gov. Kevin Stitt’s desk, who has stated he is likely to sign the bill into law.

In Kentucky, SB 150 has passed through the Senate and currently sits in the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee. If passed, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin will likely sign the bill, as he was a featured speaker at the National Rifle Association’s meeting in Louisville. In fact, Bevin claimed support for both the Second Amendment and Constitutional Carry on the campaign trail.

Other States Considering Constitutional Carry Bills

Currently, 14 states allow Constitutional Carry, after South Dakota made it legal last month. However, legislators in numerous other states are considering similar bills. These states include Alabama, Iowa, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio and Michigan. In fact, if one more state passes similar legislation, 30 percent of all U.S. states will allow Constitutional Carry. If all of the states pass this legislation, almost half the country will allow carry without a permit.

However, only a few states will likely pass these bills. Also, the other side continues to work against these bills, as well as to pass strict gun control laws in other areas.

Constitutional Carry allows residents to carry concealed without obtaining a permit. However, those wanting to carry when visiting other states must have a permit. So, the states that allow this form of carry continue to issue concealed carry permits for reciprocity.

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