Texas Man Shoots Attacker During Online Sale
(Photo by Pixabay)

This day and age, a lot of people are buying and selling online. And while lots of sales are conducted completely online, many sellers and buyers actually meet in the real world to exchange goods. This means people must take care to not be a victim of a fake online sale. This is what happened to a Texas man down in Galveston County. Fortunately for him, he had a gun and was paying attention to the situation.

According to KHOU, the two men met at 5 a.m. in a rural area a little north of Santa Fe, Texas. The pair supposedly met there at that time because one had to go to work early. However, the buyer claims that the seller, 17-year old Joshua Wooten, handed him an empty iPhone box and then tried to rob him. That’s when, the 38-year-old buyer pulled a gun and shot Wooten three times. Authorities flew Wooten to the hospital where personnel pronounced him dead.

Galveston County Sheriff detectives said that the buyer had a permit, and that the incident appears to be self defense. However, they will present the evidence to a grand jury, which will decide whether to indict. The detectives are also recommending caution when meeting people for items originating as an online sale.

Care When Making an Online Sale

More and more people are buying both new and used products online. And as online sale apps become more prevalent and easy to use, this will just continue to grow.

Of course, most folks are honest and simply trying to make a few dollars selling items they don’t need. However, some realize these transactions can be an opportunity take what isn’t theirs. So, people must take care when meeting strangers, especially when using cash in a significant amount.

Police and other experts recommend meeting people in public places to start. In fact, some areas have specific locations where people can meet, such as at a police station or an area with cameras. Not everyone can utilize these areas, though, so they must choose other locations that are safe. Restaurants are good, as are shopping centers, etc.

More importantly, people must use common sense and situational awareness when meeting strangers, regardless of the purpose. Also, make sure someone knows the meeting location and the other person’s contact information. And if something feels off, then be prepared to fight or flee.

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