Underground Shooting Range, Manhole cover
(Photo by Fontana Police)

Police find all kinds of different items when conducting raids. These include drugs, guns, cash, cars and much more. However, one gang unit just might have found the most unusual item while serving a warrant at a house in Fontana, Calif. These officers found a manhole cover that led to an underground shooting range.

The Fontana Police revealed the raid, along with the shooting range, in a Facebook post. They claimed a known gang member resided at the home. The post also said that they found numerous weapons, as well as an ammunition cache containing thousands of rounds. It specifically mentioned a 100-round drum for an AR-15 rifle.

The police confiscated the evidence and arrested several suspects during the raid. However, they didn’t specify how many suspects or even the name of the gang. The Fontana police also issued a warning and a bit of advice.

“If you hide we will find you. If you run you will go to jail tired. If you do crime in our city, we will hunt you in the pursuit of justice for our community… We strongly recommend that you put as much effort as you did in your underground cave, into becoming a productive member of society.”

Coverage of Underground Shooting Range Raid

The reports on this raid mostly covered the existence of an underground shooting range. And while a lot of shooters wouldn’t mind having something similar, it left out the dangers involved. This includes the lack of a ventilation system. Lead is a major contaminate that can cause numerous health issues over the long term.

However, the most interesting coverage included the cache of weapons and ammunition. Of course, media groups have long pushed the idea that having multiple guns and lots of ammo isn’t natural. Sure, this group were criminals, and California law bans many firearms and accessories, such as the 100-round drum magazine. However, in most parts of the country, this gear is completely legal and accepted. Also, it doesn’t take many boxes to reach thousands of rounds of ammunition, particularly for those who train regularly or compete.

Additionally, the stories about this raid completely left out the fact that these alleged criminals had items banned by California law. It’s almost as if criminals don’t follow laws. This, of course, is what gun rights advocates have claimed for years. Those willing to use guns illegally won’t follow the law in obtaining guns. So, strict gun laws only limit access to law-bidding citizens looking for a means for self defense.

The shooting sports have a long history in this country, and it is time that certain groups recognize this. In fact, the Founding Fathers used guns to create this great country.

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