home invasion victim kills invader
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Goldsboro Police claim that three men tried to force their way into a North Carolina home last week in the late evening. However, at least one of the men inside decided to not be a home invasion victim and fought back.

CBS 17 reports that two men and a boy were home during the invasion. It also claimed that the invaders shot the boy’s father. At least one of the men, though, returned fire, with rounds hitting a suspect that police identified as 40-year-old Ryan Jermaine Allen. The burglars fled, but Allen didn’t make it very far. Officers found Allen in the nearby woods.

Emergency personnel transported Allen to Vidant Hospital in Greenville. However, he died from his wounds in surgery. Later, City of Goldsboro public information officer LaToya Henry announced that Allen had been convicted of murder in 2007. His charges, though, were downgraded to manslaughter, allowing him to get out in 2013. However, Allen went back to prison in 2017 for being the getaway driver in another attack.

Police have not released the name of the home invasion victim shot in the incident. Nor have they revealed whether or not they know the identity of the other suspects. Police are still investigating the incident.

Home Invasion Victim Fought Back Well

As per the course, reports on this incident are sparse. We know that there were three people inside the home — two men and one child. We also know that the invaders shot the child’s father. However, police have not released much information about the victims, other than the street address. Police didn’t even release the extent of the man’s injuries, which probably means the injuries weren’t too bad.

In any case, one of the men was able to obtain a gun and fire a few rounds, effectively ending the life of a convicted felon. He also protected his home and child from a group of people with bad intent.

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