Houston Robbery Victim Fights With Fortitude
(Photo by Pixabay.com)

While we do everything we can to stay aware and avoid becoming a statistic, everyone can be caught off guard. And when that happens, it can reveal fortitude, such as that shown by a recent Houston robbery victim.

This man was walking out of an apartment with his girlfriend when three men caught the pair by surprise, according to On Scene TV. Allegedly, the men forced the pair back into their apartment with the intent of robbing them. Then, while holding the girlfriend in a room, one suspect took the man into the back, supposedly to find money. However, the man was able to obtain his own gun and a firefight ensued that spilled out of the apartment. Both the victim and suspect were wounded, but neither received life-threatening injuries.

When police arrived, they treated both men on the scene before transporting them to the local hospital. Police are still investigating, and have not released any names in the incident. Nor have they stated what happened to the other two suspects. They do believe that understand what happened in this event.

Houston Robbery Victim Shows Importance of Fortitude

As is usual, there isn’t a lot of information about this incident. Part of this is because police hold back information until verified, but most media outlets don’t understand how to cover self-defense shootings. That, however, is a whole different topic.

Now, we don’t know who fired the first shot or even who took the first round. However, we do know that the suspect had a gun on the victim, providing at least some tactical advantage at the beginning of the fight. Regardless, the victim fought through the pain of injury and sent the robbers packing with fortitude, which is extremely important in life-threatening situations.

In fact, fortitude must be part of the defensive mindset, as it is very possible to be injured if attacked. And if this happens, you must be willing to fight through the pain to win. This is where training comes in so handy. Training makes one think about the possibilities of what could happen in a situation, and what might be needed by way of reaction. We need to avoid situations if possible, prepare for them when its not and be willing to fight to win when required.

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