An Oklahoma resident put three armed robbery on the run after they tried to kick down his door in the early evening. And cameras caught the entire incident on video.

According to News on 6, the resident noticed a man standing in his driveway with a gun. So, he obtained his own gun and stood waiting to see what was going on. Then, the video shows one of the suspects running up and kicking the door of the duplex. When he wasn’t successful with the door, the other two come up with guns in hand. However, that’s when the resident fires a shot, which sends the suspects running to get away. In fact, one takes off so fast that he trips over his own feet and hits the ground. Fortunately for the suspects, the resident missed, hitting a parked truck shown in the background.

Police have not released any names of those involved. However, they don’t believe this attack was random. In fact, the resident said he thought he knew one of the suspects, and believed they thought he had cash.

Police are still investigating and believe that all three suspects are on the run. The neighbors, however, are obviously concerned, especially considering how brazen the men were in the attack.

Oklahoma Resident Was Aware and Ready

Situational awareness saved this person from at least robbery, if not death or serious injury. He noticed the men outside of his home, and even noticed they were armed. So he prepared for what might happen, which is what shooters are constantly doing in these types of situations. We look and prepare for what might happen so bad people don’t catch us unaware.

One thing the resident should have considered is calling the police before the incident. The reports don’t explain all this happened, but as he was preparing, he could have called police to report suspicious activity. In addition to allowing police to do their jobs, this begins the defense if you have to pull the trigger. This could even put the entire incident on sound recording to help any potential cases. This day and age, gun owners must also think about how they are going to defend their actions, especially if pulling a trigger is required.

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