Safariland Retention Holsters
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Duty holsters have long featured retention, as police officers must maintain control over their handguns. However, its been much more difficult for manufacturers to implement retention into concealed-carry holsters, particularly above Level 1. Safariland has figured it out with two new CCW retention holsters — one IWB and one OWB.

Retention can be very important, even to those who are carrying concealed. In fact, anything that helps gun owners prevent bad people from getting their gun is a good thing. Even a device that prevents the gun from falling out of the holster is better than nothing. And it often is something that carriers don’t think about. However, those who carry concealed must keep control of their guns in all conditions and situations, including activities as simple as running to get out of the rain.

Now, there are four main types of retention holsters, which range in degree of hold. Level 1 provides passive retention, and includes most CCW holsters. Level 2 reaches active retention and features a thumb break, trigger guard lock or other locking device. To reach Level 3, holsters must have dual retention devices, such as a thumb break addition to a trigger guard lock. This is typically the lowest level used by police officers. Level 4 holsters provide the upmost in retention, basically keeping the gun in the holster unless the user wants to draw.

Safariland 575 Retention Holster

The 575 is a Level 3 retention holster, which isn’t hard to make. However, this holster can be used inside the waistband. It features Safariland’s Grip Lock System, which keeps the gun locked until deactivated by the middle finger with a standard shooting grip. The 575 is low-cut and compact for concealment, and even comes with an adjustable cant. It is also made from SafariSeven, a proprietary nylon blend that won’t scratch a gun’s finish and has extremely high heat and cold tolerance. MSRP is $52.

Safariland Prevader Retention Holster

With the Prevader, Safariland created a Level 2 holster that looks like a standard ballistic nylon OWB belt holster. However, this holster comes with a Pinch Retention Device, which secures the holstered firearm by gripping both sides of the trigger guard. It also features a reinforced opening that allows enables one-handed re-holstering, along with a cloth lining for a smooth draw. MSRP is $38.

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