Shadow Systems MR918
(Photo by Shadow Systems)

Based in Plano, Texas, Shadow Systems produce upgraded parts and accessories for Glocks. The company also builds completely customized Glock handguns, designed around the Gen3 system. However, the company decided it wanted to produce its own handgun, with features it knew shooters desired. So, it developed the Shadow Systems MR918 Pistol.

“From the beginning, our goal was to give the consumer a bet-your-life reliable, feature-packed pistol for under $1K, said Trevor Roe, Shadow Systems general manager. We’ve invested quite a bit to get here and have incorporated lean manufacturing practices to control cost. The result is the highest value, U.S.-produced handgun in existence. It’s a no brainer when the next best thing might be $1,000 more.”

Shadow Systems MR918 Features

The Glock Gen4 inspired this pistol. However, Shadow Systems redesigned many aspects, particularly the frame, which features interchangeable backstraps. But instead of going with the standard of small, medium and large to change the grip, the company used what it calls the Natural Point of Aim system. This approach changes the bore orientation of the pistol. The MR918 comes with a high, neutral, and low backstrap, which corresponds to how it orients the muzzle relative to the shooter’s hand. The high correlates to standard Glock pistols, while the neutral matches Shadow Systems’ custom Glocks with a backstrap reduction. However, the low backstrap that brings the muzzle down even further like a 1911 with a flat mainspring housing.

Shadow also incorporated front and rear directional serrations, optic cuts, window cuts, stainless guide rods, and flat-faced triggers. Every MR918 also includes a proprietary removable magazine well for those who want to improve their reload speed. The MR918 is available in Combat and Elite versions, and both models come with or without optic cuts. Both also feature a match grade, spiral-fluted barrel with either a premium bronze Titanium CarboNitride finish or black DLC finish. The slides come with a black DLC finish. The MR918 will become available in March 2019, but the company is already accepting orders.

Shadow Systems MR918 Specs

  • Compatible with Glock Gen4 G19 holsters and accessories
  • 9mm chambering
  • Double undercut trigger guard
  • Aggressive grip texture on key surfaces
  • Flat-faced polymer trigger
  • 4-4.5 lbs trigger pull
  • Conventionally rifled, 1:10″ twist — safe with lead bullets
  • Front/rear directional serrations
  • Solid black rear with high-visibility green outline tritium front sights
  • Modified Gen3 recoil system
  • MSRP: $799; $899 for the Elite

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