Texas School District Purchases AR-15 Rifles
(Photo by Sean Utley)

The leaders of a Texas school district have decided they want the safest in the nation. So, they created a new security and school safety position and hired a former secret service agent. Then, they implemented a bunch of new protocols, including arming guards with AR-15s, under his guidance.

“We’re not playing around,” said Rodney Cavness, superintendent of schools for the Texas City Independent school district to Fox News. “This isn’t some kind of little game to us. We put a lot of time, money, and effort into this.”

Mike Matranga, 12-year secret service veteran, came up with the idea for the district to buy AR-15 rifles. And while the assigned deputies will not be carrying them down the hall, they will have quick access to these arms.

“These are the weapons we purchased for our deputies. I’m a firm believer that we fight firepower with superior firepower,” Matranga said.

Other Texas School District Protocols

In addition to purchasing rifles for deputies, this Texas school district also made glass doors impact resistant and implemented tracking of teachers, students and visitors on campus. They are also using facial recognition technology to control access to buildings.

“What we’re trying to do is buy time, and by buying time and by having a deputy on campus or multiple deputies on campus, that time allows our deputies to respond and do their job,” said Matranga.

The district begin this quest after the Santa Fe shooting, which happened just a short distance away. The people of the area decided that this wouldn’t happen in their district and were prepared to do what was necessary. In fact, voters in Texas City approved a $6.5 million bond for safety and security measures last year.

Other schools have implemented different protocols to ensure school safety. Some installed metal detectors, while others hired more guards. Some school districts are even looking at arming teachers in the classroom. In fact, some have already allow teachers to carry handguns after receiving training. However, this school district just might set up the most intense yet.

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