Stephen Routh was at home when neighbors called saying someone was on his parents’ property. So, the North Carolina son headed over to see what was going on. Upon arrival, Routh saw three people leaving through the back door. He confronted the trio with a gun, but he refrained from actually firing.

“I had the gun and they were coming out, and as soon as they saw the big gun pointed at them, their hands went up,” said Routh to Fox 8.

Routh had already called police, who quickly arrived at the McKnight Street residence and took the suspects into custody. However, it didn’t look like the suspects, who were all below 18, actually stole anything of value. Instead, the trio just sort of ransacked the place.

“It is a terrible mess — all the drawers are askew, cabinets drawers have been opened, stuff thrown out, papers everywhere,” said Routh, confused about what they were after.

Police identified Saulo Chi Alverz, 17, of Asheboro, charging him with breaking and entering and marijuana possession, according to the Courier-Tribune. The other two suspects are under 16 years of age and will face charges in juvenile court. No one was inside the home at the time of the incident.

No Reason For North Carolina Son to Fire

While confronting burglars can be a situation that calls for pulling the trigger, restraint is often good. In fact, this situation didn’t call for pulling the trigger. No one was in danger, except possibly the alleged suspects. Routh had the upper hand, as he had a gun and surprised the suspects as they exited the home. This, of course, is a major part of training; knowing when to not to pull the trigger, which is just as important as knowing when to pull the trigger. In fact, it might be more important, as no one want the death of another human being on their conscience if it can be helped.

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