Buying a new handgun can be a difficult decision, especially considering the various models, calibers and features available. In fact, its just like buying a new car, but without the option of a test drive. Sure, shooters can rent guns at certain ranges, but an hour doesn’t provide the information to determine whether a handgun works with a person’s lifestyle. Walther is changing that with its new “Shoot it, Love It, Buy It” Program for PPQ pistols.

Through this program, shooters can actually take home a Walther PPQ and basically test drive it for 30 days. Then, if they don’t want to keep the pistol for any reason, Walther will issue a full refund. There are some legalities involved, such as an inspection to ensure condition of the gun and all of its parts. However, the company will even pay the shipping for returning it.

Shoot It, Love It, Buy It Guarantee

Now there are two ways for shooters to take advantage of this offer. The first is for potential purchasers to go to and register for a voucher. For this method there must be select Walther dealers participating in the program. The company takes the required information, including a credit card, and issues a voucher to go to the selected dealer to pick up the gun. After 30 days, shooters must register to ship the gun back or the card will be charged. The gun must be postmarked by 30 days from the purchase date on the receipt.

If, however, the state has no participating dealers, shooters can purchase a PPQ from any FFL dealer, online or otherwise, and run it for 30 days. If the gun is not what the person wants, he or she goes to the website, uploads the information and sends it back for a full refund.

This money-back guarantee is available for the entire PPQ line of Walther pistols. This means that whether shooters want a self-defense pistol in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP, or even a .22 LR plinking gun, Walther will allow 30 days to decide whether to keep or return the pistol.

Watch the videos below for more information on the “how to’s” of the program, plus returns. For more information about the Walther PPQ Shoot It, Love It, Buy It program, please visit

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