Arizona Grandmother Shoots Intruder
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A man allegedly broke into Cordes Lakes home around 7:30 p.m. He then demanded money from the couple who lived there and attacked them when they refused. During the struggle, the wife, an Arizona grandmother, retrieved a handgun and confronted the suspect. When he came at her, she fired.

The incident happened in Yavapai County last Thursday night. Police identified the suspect as 42-year-old Gregory Hardy in a press release. It all started when Hardy knocked on the couple’s door. As the wife went to answer it, she realized the man had come inside. They began to struggle. The husband realized that something was happening, so he entered the fray, which allowed the wife to obtain a gun. The reports state that she told the man to leave, but he advanced toward her instead. So, she fired several shots, hitting the suspect at least once. The suspect didn’t leave immediately, but eventually got into a vehicle and drove away.

Police found him collapsed at a nearby home. He was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The Arizona grandmother suffered minor injuries in the incident. Police are still investigating, and have not actually arrested Hardy, nor filed any charges. They plan to charge him after he is released. Three young children, the couple’s grandchildren, were also in the house, but were not injured.

Arizona Grandmother Needs to Lock Doors

The reports do not reveal whether the door was locked, but since it also doesn’t mention the guy breaking in, it probably was unlocked. This is not a good idea. People need to be aware at all times about the condition of doors, which should remain secure at all times. This is especially important when folks are in for the night.

A locked door helps prevent unwelcome entry of bad people who can catch folks unaware. It is even better if the door has a catch that allows someone to open it while still providing some security. It may not be much, but it is better than nothing. Remember, very seldom do people show up unannounced anymore. Everyone texts and calls before traveling to another’s home. So, it is never necessary to leave a door unlocked, even in the more rural areas.

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