Armed Georgia Citizen Holds Murder Suspect
(Photo by Clinger Holsters)

An armed Georgia citizen was driving past a bank in Alpharetta on Saturday when he heard a shot. He realized an incident was taking place, so he grabbed his gun and charged into the fray.

He discovered a man holding a gun standing over a woman he had just allegedly shot. That’s when he confronted the suspect, ordering him to drop his gun, and held him there until police arrived.

Police received a call around 11:40 a.m. about shots fired in a Wells Fargo parking lot, according to WSBTV. When they arrived they found a man holding a gun on another man, along with a wounded woman. They diffused the situation, and quickly transported the victim to a local hospital. Unfortunately, she later died. Police identified the suspect as Othnel Inniss, who happened to be in a troubled relationship with the victim. He faces charges of murder and aggravated assault with a firearm.

According to, police said that those who intervene in the similar situations need to comply with officers when they arrive. They particularly need to put guns on the ground and let officers get things under control. The armed Georgia citizen handled the situation well.

Handling the Situation Like the Armed Georgia Citizen

While many may not realize it, one of the biggest dangers of stepping into a situation happens as it is ending and police arrive. Officers may have a basic understanding of what is happening, but conditions are often fluid and information can become misunderstood. Officers roll up and see a man or woman holding a gun on another person. Their first instinct is to get the situation under control, which includes having all parties lower weapons and get on the ground. Armed citizens should prepare for this. In fact, police may even handcuff everyone involved in the entry just to ensure safety of everyone. They don’t have to do this, but they might.

In fact, it is best if the intervening party is the one who called police and is on the phone with the dispatcher as they arrive. That way, the armed citizen can describe the situation and what he or she is wearing to prevent misidentification and misunderstanding. It is up to you to keep yourself safe in all situations, including ones involving police. In fact, those just might be the most important for those legally armed.

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