Atlanta Man Pays Attention to Surroundings; Shoots Intruder
(Photo by Fox 5)

An Atlanta man arrived home to realize something wasn’t right. That’s when he saw an intruder, so he grabbed his gun and fired.

“He noticed a door was open, a man came out of a room yelling and screaming, the homeowner pulled out his firearm and fired several (rounds) because he felt like his life was in danger,” said Atlanta Police Officer Stephanie Brown to Fox 5.

The alleged intruder, identified as Kelvin White, fled, and actually made it about a mile. However, he then stopped and knocked on another door. Supposedly, White told the man who answered that he had been shot and needed water. The man told him no and to call 911.

After police arrived, they realized he was probably the suspect from the earlier incident. Police arrested and charged White with criminal trespass. White was actually arrested on the same charge just a few weeks earlier. In that case, the homeowner fled and called police, who arrested White.

Officer Brown said that the Atlanta Police Department recommends leaving and letting the police handle the situation. However, neighbors in the area felt the Atlanta man handled the incident in the right way.

Atlanta Man Paid Attention to His Surroundings

Situational awareness can’t be emphasized enough. People must pay attention to their surroundings. This particularly true when walking into the home. That is actually when a lot of people let down their guard, especially when walking in with full arms. However, this is one of the times when awareness is extremely important. Another is when getting into a car.

Always take a good look around when arriving home, particularly after opening the door. If something feels off, get prepared or back off and wait for help. Also, never get inside of a vehicle without looking in the backseat. If anything looks wrong, open that door and find out why. It may be nothing, but doing so could save your life. Finally, pay attention to your sixth sense. It is there for a reason, and it is always better to take it seriously and be wrong than the other way around.

This man felt something was wrong, and paid attention to this feeling. He didn’t just stroll in, which is how most people are caught unaware. They reach a “safe” zone and let down their guard. This guy is probably glad he didn’t.

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