Chicago Suburb Assault Rifle Ban
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The Land of Lincoln has long had horrible gun laws, mostly because of the political machine in the Windy City. This hatred of guns floats right through the big buildings and out to the suburbs. In fact, one Chicago suburb — the Village of Deerfield — decided to get rid of America’s most popular rifle altogether within its boundaries. They also banned any other rifle they deemed an “assault weapon,” as well as standard-size magazines for these rifles.

Deerfield already had some pretty strict laws regarding AR-15 and other rifles, particularly regarding storage, according to the Chicago Tribune. The new law gave residents 60 days to get rid of certain types of rifles and all magazines holding more than 10 rounds. It also gave the Chief of Police the power to confiscate all such items and destroy them under the law. The ordinance also placed a $250 to $1,000 a day fine on all who are in violation.

Those who opposed this ordinance obviously filed a lawsuit to prevent it from becoming active. The groups, including the Illinois State Rifle Association, quickly won a victory with a temporary injunction blocking the ordinance. The goal, of course, was to have the law declared illegal because of pre-emption.

Chicago Suburb Overstepped

The judge basically ruled that state law did not allow the village to pass such a law. The pre-emption law was actually part of the law that created concealed carry within the state 2013. When that law was passed, municipalities had a 10-day window to pass gun ordinances designed for their areas. Highland Park passed a total ban on popular semi-auto rifles during that time frame. Deerfield, however, only enacted safe storage requirements.

The village’s attorneys tried to argue that because Deerfield passed an ordinance during the time frame, it had the right to amend that ordinance. The judge disagreed. So he issued a permanent injunction preventing the law from going into effect. Deerfield residents can keep their rifles, at least until this Chicago suburb finds a higher court willing to hear its case.

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