Cleveland Deli Owner
(Photo by Fox 8 Video)

A pair of robbers quickly learned not to mess with older people when they tried to rob an 80-year-old Cleveland deli owner. They tried to force him to open the cash register, but he pulled a gun instead.

The attempted robbery happened around 10 a.m. on Sunday when two men entered the Clark Deli. They seemed suspicious to the owner Mike Makkal even before one pulled a gun and jumped behind the counter. However, Makkal picked up a gun sitting beside him and fired at the pair.

“I shot one shot then he got down and ran,” Makkal said to Fox 8. “Then the other robber went to the end of the store and asked me not to shoot him, but I put my gun in his face.”

The robbers took off. Makkal doesn’t know whether he hit either robber. But his rounds did shatter a glass cooler. And even though he was scared during the incident, he didn’t let it get to him or close his deli. He also didn’t let a similar ordeal that happened just weeks before faze him too much. In that incident, the robber pressed a gun against Makkal’s head before chasing him around the store. Makkal then turned the tables by putting his own gun in the bad guy’s face. That one also fled the scene, even though no shots were fired.

Don’t Mess This Cleveland Deli Owner

A lot of people make fun of Cleveland; it did, after all, have a river become so polluted it caught fire numerous times. However, the city also have its good points, including at least one deli owner who is tough enough to stand up against crime. He also cares so much about his customers that he won’t even close after two attempted robberies.

The owner might want to work on accuracy, but he might not have wanted to actually hit the suspect. He also needs to start working on situational awareness, which might prevent someone from getting the drop on him in another attempt.

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