Friday Carry Dump, Taurus, SureFire, Galco, Spyderco
(Photo by Paul Rackley)

There are so many different types of guns and accessories to carry that it can get quite confusing for beginners. Additionally, those who have carried for years sometimes want to know others carry concealed on a daily basis for comparison. So, we decided to provide that opportunity with a Friday carry dump of one of our editors.

While most experts recommend always carrying the same gun daily, gun writers often swap between carry guns due to testing purposes. This is both a benefit and deficiency of the industry. A gun must be fired repeatedly to determine whether it will perform its duty. However, to truly understand whether a gun and rig will work for everyday carry, it must also be carried. One thing that must be noted, though, is that reliability testing must be performed before carrying a new pistol for self defense. Even though the point is testing, it must inspire confidence that it will work in a situation.

The Friday Carry Dump

I’m currently carrying a Taurus G2S in a Clinger V3 Stingray holster. The G2S comes in either 9mm or .40 S&W; Taurus chambered the one sitting strong side on my hip in 9mm. This striker-fired pistol carries seven rounds of ammunition in the magazine, plus one in the chamber. It’s also compact, measuring just over 6-inches long and almost 5-inches high. The weight is very reasonable at 23.4 ounces fully loaded. Additionally, it carries very well in the V3 IWB holster, which completely covers the entire gun, except for the grip, and comes with adjustable tension and cant. It can also be swapped from right to left hand use. The G2S even comes with a spare magazine, which I’m carrying in a Galco magazine case on the weak side. This provides seven additional rounds of Speer 115-grain Gold Dot hollow points if needed.

The other EDC gear included in this Friday carry dump have been with me for awhile. The first is a SureFire Backup flashlight. This single battery light produces a max output of 400 lumens, with a low of 5 lumens. It’s compact and easily fits in any pocket. Second, I’m also carrying a Spiderco Delica lock-blade knife. The last EDC item is a cell phone. While in today’s world this seems evident, cell phones are an important piece of EDC gear. If you ever do have to defend  yourself, you need to be the one who reports it to police, and a cell phone makes this easy. It can also be used to photograph and record evidence for ensuring the situation doesn’t end the wrong way after the police arrive.

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