Georgia Man Fires Warning Shot
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Most experts say that folks should never fire a warning shot. In fact, there are many reasons to not do this, including the potential of an unintentional hit. In most cases this counts toward bystanders. A Georgia man, though, is having to explain a shot that killed a possible burglar.

Down in Albany, David McDuffie told police that when he got home he noticed a man across the street. McDuffie said thought the man was acting strange. Then, when McDuffie unlocked his gate and pulled his car into the driveway, he saw the man getting closer. The man, identified as Jamie Lee Lewis, then allegedly opened the screen door and walked on the porch. That’s when McDuffie fired a shot to warn Lewis, according to a WALB report.

Police arrived on the scene to find Lewis fatally shot. They ended up detaining McDuffie for questions, and sent the case to the Albany Police Department investigation unit.

Later reports state that McDuffie pleaded with Lewis to go away, both before and after he pulled the screen door. Additionally, McDuffie claims he fired a second shot, after the warning shot, because Lewis charged in his direction. Police released McDuffie, but are still investigating the incident.

“I don’t know all the details, because it’s still under investigation. What all could have happened, whether the person knew him, I don’t know. So that’s part of the investigation, but I know you have the right to protect your home and family,” said Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler.

Georgia Man Shouldn’t Fire Warning Shot

Barring any unforeseen details, McDuffie probably won’t be charged; the Peach State has excellent gun laws, including Stand Your Ground. However, warning shots are never a good idea. When a bullet leaves a gun, it has to go somewhere, and it can go a long way until it hits something. That something could be someone’s property. But, it could be an innocent person.

A lot of people believe in warning shots, because they feel it is a good way to prevent having to shoot a person. However, warning shots should never be used. They are unsafe, and they can reveal the location of the shooter. Also, warning shots reduce the number of rounds that can be used to stop an attack.

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