Holster-Less Carry Gets Man Shot in Genitals
(Photo by Paul Rackley)

Those who carry concealed usually obtain a permit and put the gun in a holster. There are quite a few reason for this, with a great example being an Indiana man who shot himself due to holster-less carry. In fact, he shot himself in the genitals.

The incident happened during an early morning walk along the Mississinewa River in Marion, according to CBS17. Supposedly, Mark Anthony Jones had a Hi-Point pistol in his waistband when it started to slip. He told police that he reached to adjust the gun and it discharged. The release that the Marion police put out says, “The bullet entered just above his penis and exited his scrotum.”

Jones was able to make it to the local hospital, which is where police interviewed him about the incident. Unfortunately for Jones, he does not have an Indiana Handgun License. This means he shouldn’t have been carrying the gun in public, and he could actually face numerous charges. The police will, in fact, send the case to the Grant County prosecutors for review.

None of the reports state what type of pants Jones had on, nor whether he used a belt to help hold the pistol in place. In any case, they didn’t work.

Never Consider Holster-Less Carry

The reasons to use a holster are vast. Beyond the fact that holsters keep guns where they need to be, practically all cover the trigger guard, which prevents accidentally depressing the trigger. Additionally, holsters keep handguns in the proper location for a smooth draw. This is crucial for being able to get a gun quickly into action in a situation, which is the point of having a concealed handgun.

Of course, there are times when a holster might not work, such as when exercising. However, that’s when shooters should consider other forms of carry, such as fanny or shoulder packs. Depending on the situation and weather, this might be a good time for a shoulder rig or a belly band.

The idea behind carrying a gun everywhere is good. In fact, its the whole point of concealed carry. However, folks should absolutely get themselves legal and put the gun in a good holster. Holster-less carry causes all kinds of problems that can be easily prevented.

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