Indianapolis Intruder Impersonates Officer, Training Day
(Photo by Warner Bros.)

An Indianapolis intruder decided to gain access to home by dressing up as a police officer. It kind of worked; the intruder got inside a home. However, the residents realized he wasn’t an officer, and one ended up shooting him in the butt.

WTTV reports that the incident happened March 22 around midnight. A man, wearing a police vest, gained access to a home, and then allegedly tried to rob the occupants. The residents — two men and one woman — weren’t having it, though. One pulled a gun and shot the pretend officer, who quickly fled.

Police arrived and arrested 34-year-old Carl Simion for criminal confinement and impersonating a public servant. Medical personnel transported Simion to the local hospital with non-life-threatening wounds, reported as a shot in the butt — just like Denzel Washington in “Training Day” (see above picture — we couldn’t help it).

The next day, police discovered a two-way radio and headset outside a home on a neighboring street. That homeowner told police someone knocked on his door around 12:30 a.m. He told the person through the door to go away or he would call police. The homeowner found the equipment the next morning and reported it to police.

Indianapolis Intruder Shows Importance of Knowing Who’s at Door

While this incident ended well for the victims, people need to remember that police do not typically knock on a door without a very good reason. This is especially true late at night. In fact, if there is any doubt, people should wait behind a locked door and call the police. If an officer is making contact at a home, he or she will have called it in — its required in the regulations.

This day and age it is best to never answer the door without knowing exactly who is on the other side. The second resident whom the imposter tried to contact did everything correct. He didn’t open the door and flat told him to go away or he would call the police. However, he probably should have reported the incident anyway. You never know how neighbors might react in this situation, and you just might save someone else’s life with a phone call.

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