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Training is crucial to self defense, but it can sometimes be difficult to get to the range. So the next best thing is dry-fire practice, which can be performed in a variety of situations. However, determining accuracy can be difficult without a laser. Even then, lasers flash for less than a second on target and don’t record where potential hits strike, which is where the LASR App comes into play.

Designed for use with smartphones, tablets and computers, this app tracks and records shots produced by lasers. In fact, it works with all standard operating systems, such as Windows, Apple, Chromebook and Android. To do this, the device requires a camera, which comes standard on most. However, the company does have cameras available that will work. Users also have to have a shot activated laser, but the company sells those as well.

In fact, shooters can obtain everything needed to get started with laser-recorded, dry-fire training through LASR App. Shooters can even purchase laser activated handguns — three popular models — as well as adaptor kits for rifles and shotguns.

Features on the LASR App

To start, users must purchase a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription, at $9, $65 or $120, respectively. Then, set up targets, any targets, and start training. The app records each hit on target separately and shows them on the device for later inspection. It even provides an audible tone for each hit.

It can also be used for training drills, providing both hits on target and speed of shots, even during speed shooting. This provides information on reaction time in self-defense scenarios. It even provides feedback on trigger control and position to help shooters determine problems in form. Additionally, the app can randomly call out targets for scenarios, and up to 20 users can shoot simultaneously for competition or large-scale training.

Dry-fire training makes up for times when shooters can’t get to the range. And more realistic is always better, which is where laser training provides its benefits.

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