Louisiana Concealed Carrier Stops Kidnapping
(Photo by Pixabay.com)

Natchitoches Sheriff Victor Jones Jr., recently commended two men who stopped a domestic kidnapping. The pair saw a man trying to drag a woman into truck along side of a highway. The men intervened and one, a Louisiana concealed carrier, pulled a gun, which forced the suspect to flee.

The incident actually began during a ride to a bank that turned into an argument between a man and a woman. During the altercation, the man allegedly pulled a stun device and shocked the woman. He then bound her hands with zip ties and drove out to a remote area. While there, she broke free, but he shocked her again and put her back in his gray Chevrolet Silverado.

The suspect then headed out La. Hwy. 9 to another remote area, which is when the woman started really fearing for her life. At an intersection, she was able to escape a second time. That is when the two men observed the incident and a Louisiana concealed carrier used his gun to stop a crime.

The unidentified woman identified the suspect as Clydell Lee Jefferson Jr., who happened to be her domestic partner. After fleeing, Jefferson turned himself into the Red River Parish Sheriff’s office. Natchitoches deputies transported him to the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center and charged him with kidnapping and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The press release about the incident claims that Jefferson confessed to the crime during the interview.

Louisiana Concealed Carrier, Aware and Ready

This is a good example of awareness and willingness. Both men noticed the situation, which shows awareness. Then, the men were willing to step in and do the right thing. In many situations it might be prudent to observe and become a good witness. However, when lives are on the line, it comes a situation where those who are willing have to step in for those who can’t.

It isn’t hard to notice a problem. However, it can be hard to intervene when someone’s life is in danger. Society doesn’t encourage this, so only a few are ready, willing and able to protect others’ lives by risking their own. Being ready and willing is a large part of carrying concealed, and is absolutely why this woman is still alive.

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