We cover a whole lot of serious issues, mostly because guns and self defense can be quite serious. However, sometimes we need to stop taking ourselves so serious and just have some fun. Case in point is this video of Master Ken, which is filled with interesting humor, depending on your taste in interesting.

WARNING: Nothing in this video should constitute reality. This video is for fun and entertainment value only, not an actual training video. Do not try this in the real world, as you’ll likely have your ass kicked — or worse. You have been warned.

Master Ken is an expert in Ameri-Do-Te, which is a hand-to-hand fighting style he devised. To create it, he took the best of all martial art styles and combined them into one. That’s why he likes to say, “Best of all, worst of none.” In fact, he claims he has studied at more than three dozen facilities. He also claims that not one of them has been able to contain him in 17 years. Compared to his style, he says that most martial arts are “bulls***.”

Master Ken teaches from his dojo, as well as through his Enter the Dojo show. His students attend for various reasons. One claims he attends because the class is close, cheap and has girls. Some might be there to learn how to handle the situation when someone gets in your face. Others seem to think that his tactics might be a bit excessive.

Master Ken Pistol Defenses

In this video, Master Ken demonstrates various tactics for defending yourself against a pistol. In fact, he goes into great detail into his training style with his assistant as the aggressor. He even turns the tables and goes all Wolf of Wall Street with the assistant’s money at one point.

One issue we need to point out is that through most of the video, they use a fake gun. However, there are a couple of scenes that involve what looks like a real gun. They probably used dummy ammunition, but people shouldn’t conduct these types of activities; this is all done in fun and entertainment.

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