Amazon Driver, north carolina concealed carrier

Studies show that most gun owners regularly follow the laws of this nation. In fact, the Crime Prevention Research Center compiled data showing concealed carriers are some of the most law-biding people. However, every now and then, there is an incident where a concealed carriers should have utilized some anger control and just walked away.

Amazon Driver Shooting

The latest incident comes out of Missouri and happened in a Target parking lot. Basically what happened is an Amazon delivery driver pulled into a handicap parking place to talk to another driver. According to Fox 2, this irritated a 65-year-old man with a handicap placard. So, the man took photographs and posted them to social media. Then, he confronted the Amazon driver and the event quickly escalated to a physical confrontation.

During the fight, the pair fell to the ground. The driver jumped up and supposedly noticed a handgun. He claims he then started backing away before turning to run. The suspect then allegedly pulled the gun and shot the driver in the back. Police arrested the 65-year-old and sent the driver to the hospital. The bullet paralyzed the driver from the waist down. He is still under treatment in the hospital.

Lack of Anger Control Causes Problems

This whole situation is eerily similar to a Florida incident over a handicap parking space last year. In that incident, one man died while the other faces manslaughter charges, despite claiming self defense under Florida’s stand your ground law. Both of these incidents were avoidable, if the shooters had utilized anger control and made smarter decisions.

Sure, people without disabilities shouldn’t park in spots designated as handicapped. People also shouldn’t cut to the front of lines, drive aggressive or take too many items to the speedy checkout. Still, all these things happen, regularly. And regardless of righteous indignation, actions have consequences and the fastest way to a fight is a confrontation. Words can quickly become physical, which can lead to a gun being pulled if the holder becomes afraid. It is a gray area whether this is legal due to many factors, including the actions leading up to the situation. And typically, a prosecutor, judge and jury will make that decision. 

Simply put, most people do not have a right to regulate the rules of society; that should be left to the police. In fact, if the 65-year-old man had taken a picture as evidence and then called police, he wouldn’t be facing 10 to 30 years in prison.

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