Washington Robber, Fake gun, real gun
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A Washington robber received his due when he tried to steal an iPhone by pulling a fake gun. Unfortunately for him, his victim was carrying a real gun.

The incident happened last week around 10 p.m. in Everett, Wash., according to My Everett News. Two men — neither of whom have been identified — agreed to meet for an arranged sale. Originally, they met at the South Everett Park & Ride, but ended up heading to a BECU Credit Union to finish the exchange. That’s when, however, the buyer allegedly pulled a gun on the seller. The seller didn’t know it was a fake gun, so he pulled his gun and fired several shots.

After police arrived, personnel transported the wound man to Providence Regional Medical Center with severe injuries. Detectives interviewed the seller and continue to investigate the incident. So far, there has been no information regarding potential charges to either party. Also, there has been no update on the condition of the alleged Washington robber.

Despite Stupidity, Washington Robber is Example of Need for Care

Washington politicians might be pushing for more gun control, but it is not going to stop those with a criminal mind. Bad people will find a way to do other harm. In this incident, the bad guy didn’t even have a real gun, but had the victim been defenseless, he could have lost an iPhone and possibly the contents of his wallet. It’s hard to say whether it would have worked.

In any case, this gun owner acted in self defense, at least going by the available information. However, this is still a good example of why folks should always meet in well-lit populated areas. Coffee shops, grocery stores and other type locations work well. Also, many police stations allow people to meet inside or nearby to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Of course, that’s not always an option. That’s when folks need to use situational awareness and pay attention to delicate clues that could reveal intentions. Call it a sixth sense, reading people, whatever, bad intentions can often be determined by sizing up a person. It’s not 100 percent, but if the guy looks like he could handle himself, be extra prepared.

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