There is just something about watching trick shots, especially those who really know what they’re doing. In fact, there are a lot of folks who make their living blowing things up with rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Now the best-known trick shooters typically come from the shotgun side of the industry; everybody’s watched shotgunners explode multiple thrown clays in midair. However, rifle and pistol trick shooters also perform some amazing shots, which can be shared with the world, thanks to today’s technology. Case in point is a YouTuber named 22plinkster.

Like the name suggests, 22plinkster plays with .22 caliber firearms, at least mostly. This includes both rifles and handguns, as well as .22 WMR. He conducts reviews and performs a variety of interesting shots for fun. Over the years, he has split playing cards, tried to shoot through a variety of items and even tried to curve a bullet.

Now, however, the trick shooter has a high-speed camera, which allows him slow down flying bullets on video. So, he decided to see if he could hit some really small objects thrown in the air. These included peppermints, Tic Tacs, aspirin and more. The results are awesome, and show what a shooter can obtain in regard to skill with practice.

Benefits of Trick Shots

Trick shots can be quite difficult, which is why only a chosen few reach such ability. In fact, these type of shots require dedication and a lot of practice. However, practice equals training, which improves skills, such as accuracy, trigger control and concentration. Shots like these also teach hitting moving targets, which can be an important skill in a gunfight.

However, as 22plinkster explains, safety is paramount. Those who decide to test their skills must make sure all precautions are taken, especially ensuring a good backstop to catch the rounds. This activity can be a whole lot of fun though, and can really help with real-world defensive skills.

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