Everybody makes mistakes. It is just a fact of life. However, some mistakes can actually be worse than others, such as when there is potential for injury or death. This is especially true when guns are involved, which is why screw-ups with guns are often called epic gun fails.

Sure, some can be quite funny, but most are kind of sad or downright scary, especially since many of them end up on video. It just seems as if those who are screwing up with guns always want to record the incident. Maybe it is for posterity, but most likely its because they just don’t know any better.

Now despite how funny some of these incidents actually are, they also provide ample opportunities to learn. It’s learning what not to do, but one of the best ways to learn is through other people’s failures. You will remember your own failures best, but its much better to learn from theirs.

Lessons to Learn From Epic Gun Fails

The first lesson to be learned here is obviously about safety. In quite a few of the clips the problem was the lack of proper safety training. This might have been because the one doing the instruction never received the basics. A few, however, look like they know the rules; they just had a episode that they will never forget. Some of the others, though, look as if their experience with guns will never go beyond that point. Hard to say whether that is bad.

Another lesson to be learned here is to not obtain firearms training from movies and TV. It is also a good idea to lose the bravado and admit that one has limited experience, even if it is only with that type of gun. Hollywood has been screwing up guns for decades, and only an idiot fakes it when it comes to deadly weapons. Those who have never done so should consider taking NRA certified safety course.

Finally, a whole lot of these clips look like pranks. Whether telling someone to hold a gun improperly or handing them way too much gun, pranks of this sort is both dumb and dangerous. But, they can be very funny to watch safely on a screen.

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