North Carolina Homeowner Shoots Career Criminal
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A North Carolina man shot a career criminal after discovering the man inside his home. He hit the suspect once in the head.

The incident began last Monday when Rico Joke’a Shelton allegedly broke into a home on Richmond Road. The unidentified homeowner confronted Shelton with a gun, firing a shot that hit the suspect.

“Upon entry into the residence Rico Shelton was met by an individual who shot him, which ultimately resulted in his death,” according to the Richmond County Daily Journal.

Rockingham Police Department officers arrived to find the suspect dead from his injuries. They also discovered that Shelton had a long history of criminal acts. Investigators continue to look into the case. However, it doesn’t appear as if the department will seek charges against the homeowner.

System Didn’t Work With This Career Criminal

Designed to rehabilitate criminals, the justice system doesn’t always work. In fact, it apparently didn’t work with Shelton. It is currently known that he served at least three prison sentences since 2010. He went to prison for seven months on the first conviction for two felony counts of possession of stolen goods and one felony count of larceny. Shelton then served on two felony counts of breaking and entering starting in November 2011. His last conviction incarcerated him for almost four years for habitual breaking and entering, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering and possessing stolen goods. He got out in June of 2018. Additionally, The Richmond Observer reports that Shelton currently faces charges, including attempted murder, in South Carolina.

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