Birchwood Casey Gun Plumber
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While most gun maintenance should be conducted at home, it never hurts to have the ability to work on a gun when out. In fact, little things can happen, such as a dropped gun, proving the benefit of a portable gun tool like the Birchwood Casey Gun Plumber.

This compact tool has everything needed to keep revolvers, 1911s and/or striker-fired handguns operating at a high level. This compact product features an integral patch loop and separate internal threaded rod for quick and effective bore cleaning. Additionally, shooters can use these rod to remove squid loads if needed.

The Gun Plumber features four specifically sized hollow ground, flat screw driver blades that fit most popular pistol and revolver screws. It also has a pin pusher that can double as a sight tool, especially for striker-fired pistols. It even incorporates a non-marring 1911-barrel bushing wrench. Finally, it comes with a selection of hex and torx blades are available for grip screws and general utility, as well as a universal choke tube wrench.

The Gun Plumber measures about the same size as a set of Allen wrenches or even a multitool. In fact, it is basically a multitool; it just happens to be one designed specifically for guns.

Sure, breakages should be looked at by licensed gunsmiths. However, some shooters have a decent understanding of how to perform minor smithing. And while most keep gun maintenance kits at home, these do little good away from the house.

Birchwood Casey Gun Plumber

  • Gunsmith Selected Bits for Field Repairs
  • Flat 2mm Bit
  • Flat 6mm Bit
  • Phillips #2 screwdriver
  • Torx Drivers: T10 & T15
  • Hex Bits: 1/16th, 3/32nd, 7/64th & 5/32nd
  • Universal Choke Tube Wrench
  • MSRP: $9.99

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