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During a robbery attempt, a Boost Mobile employee used willingness and unarmed fighting skills to send the suspect fleeing. In fact, the employee wrestled away the gun and even fired a few shots to speed him along.

A little before 11 a.m. last Thursday, KCBD reports police received a call of shots fired at the Quaker Square shopping center in Lubbock. They arrived to discover the shots ended a robbery at a store in the center.

The employee claims that a man walked into the store with a gun and demanded money. However, the unidentified employee fought back, eventually obtaining the gun. He then fired several shots at the robber, who fled. Police found no evidence of the suspect being hit, and reported that no other injuries occurred during the incident.

Despite multiple officers, including K9 units, searching the area, they have not found the suspect.

Boost Mobile Employee Effectively Used Unarmed Skills

This incident shows the importance of unarmed fighting skills. Sure, a gun is the best equalizer in most situations, but there are times when it can be difficult to get a gun into play. This typically happens when a person has to use both hands to fend off an attack. However, attacks can also happen in locations where guns aren’t allowed. This means self-defense advocates have to accept becoming a victim, or learn other methods of fighting back.

Hand combat skills are important in these types of situations. But, people can also use available items for defense. These improvised weapons include knives, pens, chairs and much more. In fact, even a hot cup of coffee can be thrown in an attacker’s face, or folks can use a full plastic bottle as a club.

Sure, the employee probably needs to work on his accuracy, but it is unknown whether he is even a gun owner. Regardless, his willingness to not be a victim, along with at least some unarmed skills, allowed him to win this situation. It’s something to think about.

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