Chicago Gunfight Results in Two Deaths
(Photo by WGNTV)

A family man was talking to his son on the phone when another man, supposedly trying to rob him, walked up and fired three shots. The son heard the loud pops. However, the victim, Mark Miller, also had a gun and returned fire, causing another gunfight in Chicago.

The incident happened last week outside of the son’s property in the Park Manor neighborhood around 9:45 a.m. Miller had just come out from checking on some plumbing issues for his son. Miller, recently retired from UPS, was locking the basement door, while talking on the phone, when he was shot.

“He was being a dad,” said the son to the Chicago Tribune. “He was being a father. He was trying to help me out, and it wound up costing him his life in the process.”

Police identified the suspect as Joseph Lewis, a documented gang member. He also has a long history of arrests, with felony convictions for gun and theft charges. In fact, Lewis had been released from jail on stolen vehicle and gun convictions exactly one month prior to the shooting.

Police found both men deceased at the scene, along with the guns used. The coroner determined that Miller died of multiple gunshots, while Lewis died of a single wound to his abdomen. Miller had a licensed concealed carry permit.

Chicago Gunfight Shows Avoidance Not Always Possible

Situational awareness is an important self-defense tool, especially when combined with avoidance. However, avoidance isn’t always possible. In this case, Miller wasn’t really using awareness; he was talking on the phone. It might not have made a difference though. The suspect obviously had plans to rob someone and had no problem using violence. He might have chosen Miller randomly, but it is doubtful he saw Miller on the phone and instantly attacked.

This incident does, though, show the problems on technology in today’s environment. Nothing might have changed in this incident if Miller hadn’t of been on the phone. But many people become completely unawareness because of these devices. Consider staying off the phone when possible, especially when performing multiple tasks.

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