Cleveland Pizza Employee Exchanges Fire With Robbers
(Photo by WKYC)

When three men allegedly rushed into a Little Caesars pizza store and demanded money, one employee decided to fight back. In fact, he pulled a gun and fired at one of the suspects, but one shot back as well.

The incident happened around 10 p.m. last Friday. Fox 8 reports that three men entered the pizza chain, with two heading into the kitchen. The third took another employee to the register. The employee, fearing for his life, pulled a gun and shot one of the suspects. He hit one suspect, but the other two used employees as shields. One of them, however, managed to fire at, and hit, armed pizza employee.

All three suspects fled before police could arrive. The wounded suspect, though, ended up at the St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. He was transferred to MetroHealth, where he was questioned by police and arrested. WKYC identified the suspect at Martez Gordon. Police have identified the other two suspects and are still investigating.

The Cleveland pizza employee drove himself to the MetroHealth Medical Center. He was hit in the leg. As he fired in self defense, its unlikely the employee will be charged.

This Cleveland Pizza Employee Didn’t Just Say “Pizza, Pizza!”

This incident has a lot of moving parts that are difficult to completely understand. One report states that the suspect at the register used his fingers like a gun in the employee’s back. This begs the question of who shot the employee? What’s best surmised is that the employee drew his gun and shot the closest suspect. However, when he moved toward the other suspect, they used they used the kitchen employees as shields. At least one of the other suspects also had a gun and fired at least one shot, hitting the employee. He couldn’t return fire because of innocents in the line of fire.

That, of course, was a good decision. Very few people could make a shot such as this. Beyond the simple required accuracy, adrenaline would be pumping hard, causing all sorts of issues. He had won the fight, saved the store and his fellow employees, and the suspects were leaving. He didn’t need to take unnecessary risks with others’ lives.

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