Delivery Driver Fires Back at Gunman
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A delivery driver returned fire after a man attacked him and then followed him into a florist shop, still firing.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the incident started behind the shop, near a Texaco station. Police allege that Justin Daniels approached the driver and started shooting at him. That’s when the driver ran into the shop and grabbed his own gun. Meanwhile, the suspect walked around and entered through the front door and started shooting again. The store contained six employees, and a couple of customers had just left before the gunman walked in.

“It was just like being in a movie,” said David Sorrows to WSBTV.

As the suspect continue to randomly fire, the driver returned fire. Luckily, no one was hit during the gunfight. However, the driver suffered minor injuries when he fell running into the shop. Another employee claimed a bullet lightly grazed his back. Police charged Daniels with six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police also arrested another man, but have not released his name.

The judge denied bond during Daniel’s first appearance. Police claim that the delivery driver acted in self defense and won’t face charges for his actions.

Delivery Driver Needs to Keep Gun on His Person

There are no reports on why the suspect supposedly fired on the driver. In fact, nothing reveals any motive for this crime at all. Regardless, this incident makes a great case for keeping your gun on your person. Having a gun sitting inside a store when you’re outside the store does very little good.

It’s possible that the driver doesn’t have a permit, but if not, he might want to consider going through the process. Georgia is a shall issue state where folks are allowed to use deadly force if attacked. The means needs to be available, such as a gun sitting in a concealed-carry holster.

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