GECO Personal Defense Ammunition
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As concealed-carry pistols get smaller, ammunition gets more specialized. Pistols with shorter barrels really need ammunition designed for the lower velocities of these guns. This is the benefit of one of the new GECO Personal Defense Ammunition lines. GECO designed one of the new lines to run through shorter barrels. The other load is for every other barrel length.

GECO Red Zone 9mm

GECO designed the Red Zone personal defense ammunition specifically for 9mm pistols with shorter barrels. In fact, the company optimized the ammo for short barreled 9mm pistols. It performs best when it comes out a muzzle at a velocity range between 1,000 and 1,150 fps.

This means it is ideal for compact and subcompact pistols chambered in 9mm that have become so popular recently with shooters. The Red Zone loads penetrate between 12 and 13 inches during close-quarter encounters. This is pretty optimal, as this is deep enough to cause enough damage to stop an attack. But, it is also unlikely to over-penetrate and cause other issues. Additionally, the hollow-point projectile GECO used in the Red Zone averages .6 inches of expansion, along with almost 100 percent weight retention.

GECO Action Extreme 9mm

The Action Extreme load, according to GECO, delivers good penetration along with controlled expansion from a variety of firearms. This includes pistol-caliber carbines, as well as both full size and compact pistols. In fact, the Action Extreme loads provide terminal performance results with almost complete energy transfer and excellent stopping power.

GECO optimized the Action Extreme load for reliable feeding and performance from all 9mm firearms, regardless of barrel length. It also provides consistent penetration and expansion in gelatin and clear ballistics.

With these two lines, GECO is covering a wide variety of self-defense options, with special emphasis on subcompact pistols, which just happen to be extremely popular with shooters.

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