Memphis Man Guards Home With AR-15 and Body Armor
(Photo by WREG)

Over the years, Memphis, Tenn., has gone up and down in regard to crime rates. In fact, sections of the city are quite safe, while other areas still struggle with crime. After one Memphis man had someone try to break into his home twice in a short period of time, he now sits up at night with an AR-15 while wearing body armor.

The unidentified man, who lives in the Raleigh area of Memphis, told WREG that he is fed up with people trying to break into his home. So he is now standing guard inside his own home.

In recent months, police have responded to the home twice for reported break-ins. In fact, the homeowner ran off one burglar with his AR-15.

“One time I know I scared them off is when I closed the bolt on my AR. It’s a very distinctive sound,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner has even talked to police about his potential response. Officers told him that unless someone actually gets through the door, he can’t use deadly force.

So until further notice, this homeowner plans to guard his home with an AR-15 and hard-plate body armor, even though the gear is quite heavy.

Memphis Man Might Have a Good Idea With Body Armor

When most folks think body armor, they conjure images about police or bad guys trying to overpower police. However, body armor can be a very beneficial tool for home defense. When something goes bump in the night, it could be a kid getting a drink. However, it could also be an armed assailant with hate in his heart. In that case, having on a vest that could stop a bullet might be a good idea.

Additionally, there are quite a few companies offering ballistic protection today. Most of these companies market their products to police officers, but they also sell to civilians. Before purchasing one, though, folks need to have some understanding of the products, as there are many different levels of ballistic protection. Prices also range dramatically depending on protection. Some models only protect against handgun loads, and some carriers come with no actual ballistic protection. Ballistic plates must be ordered separately. Those looking to purchase body armor really need to do some research, as prices can go well over a grand.

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