Missouri Concealed Carrier Shoots Robber
(Photo by Pixabay.com)

While walking down the street, a Missouri concealed carrier had a man allegedly try to rob him and a friend. The situation didn’t turn out well for the robber.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the incident happened a little before 10 p.m. on Tuesday. The potential victims had just left a gas station when a man with a gun jumped out from between two cars. However, one of the victim was carrying and he quickly drew and fired several shots. He hit the robber with at least three rounds. In fact, KSDK reports the robber went to the hospital in critical condition.

When police arrived, they found the robber’s gun, and witnesses corroborated the account of the situation. While little more is known about the incident, police have not identified either party, it’s unlikely the shooter will be charged.

Missouri Concealed Carrier Has Speed of Draw

We spend a lot of time discussing speed of draw. We do this because it is an important factor in self defense. According to the Tueller Drill, a shooter needs to be able to draw and fire two shots in 1.5 seconds against a suspect with a knife at 21 feet. Concealed carriers need to be able to do this from under a cover garment.

In this situation, the suspect already had a gun in hand. So, the would-be victim had to draw and fire while staring down a muzzle. This is an important fact that every concealed carrier must understand. Armed robbers typically try to gain an advantage over their victims by having the gun out and ready. However, many believe that having the gun is enough. And with most victims, they are correct. Even those willing to fight back need to stay aware to obtain those one or two seconds that can make all the difference in a situation.

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