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Firearm experts and shooting sport groups spend a lot of time on gun safety. In doing so, these folks cover a variety of topics from muzzle and trigger control, and many other topics. Even storing guns away from unauthorized individuals is important, which is what the latest gun safety videos from Project Childsafe covers.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation partnered to produce these three videos, which were funded through a grant by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Named the “Many Paths to Gun Ownership,” these videos show different gun owners explaining how they safety store guns. In fact, each two-minute video shares the viewpoint of different types of gun owners. One shows new family man, who keeps a gun for self defense. The others highlight a lifelong hunter and a brand new gun owner who lives in a bad neighborhood.

Each person explains his or her viewpoints on firearms, gun safety and especially safe storage. The point of these videos are to help new and potential gun owners understand their responsibilities if they decide to keep firearms in the home. In fact, this important information can help people decide whether to purchase a firearm. It also helps them understand the importance of gun safety.

Importance of Safe Gun Storage

When it comes to guns, safety can’t be emphasized enough. This includes safe storage. Gun owners must maintain control over their guns. Of course accessibility must also be considered. When carrying on the hip or other location, guns are considered secure. However, folks don’t always carry at home. When not carrying, gun owners must determine a safe way to prevent access by others, especially children. There are many ways to do so.

Every new gun comes with a gun lock. These locks, though, don’t provide easy access in an emergency. That’s why gun owners should consider gun safes, particularly those designed for quick access. You don’t want someone to gain access to your gun, but you need access in a situation.

Project Childsafe Gun Safety Videos

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