Rapper Bun B Shoots Masked Home Intruder
(Photo by Wikipedia Commons)

The rapper Bun B is well known in the Houston hip hop scene, both for his music and giving back to the community. He just became known for being willing to stand up and fight back against a bad element.

ABC 13 reports that a little before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Bun B’s wife answered the door, thinking it was a delivery she was expecting. However, the man standing there had his face covered and was holding a gun. He forced the wife inside and demanded money and valuables. He even pointed his gun at her head.

She guided him toward the couple’s garage, telling him to take her Audi, while pleading for her life. Meanwhile, Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, realized something was happening. He grabbed his gun and headed downstairs to investigate. He found his wife and the suspect in the garage, where they exchanged shots. The suspect fled. However, shortly later he arrived at a local hospital. Personnel called police because he was suffering from a gunshot wound.

Officers presented Bun B with a photo array and he identified DeMonte Jackson via his long hair and distinctive tattoo. Police ended up arresting Jackson, who now faces three felony charges, at the hospital.

Rapper Bun B Stayed Calm & Confident

There are a lot of stereotypes regarding rappers and guns. Most of them come from music videos and Hollywood, neither of which is known for letting the truth get in the way of a good story. Whether the stereotypes are true or not, this rapper breaks that mold by seemingly knowing how to handle his gun. He also had the confidence to fire at a man with a gun who was firing at him as well.

He may received some training, or he may have simply gone to the gun range enough to know what he is doing. Either way, this rapper handled the situation with skill.

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