San Antonio Husband Shoots Suspect During Home Invasion
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A San Antonio husband ended up shooting an intruder who allegedly forced his way into the home, down in Texas.

The incident happened around midnight last Friday night when the woman of the house heard someone trying to break into the front door, according to KSAT. She confronted him, and even tried to fight him off. However, he was able to push his way past and into a bedroom. That’s when the husband became involved, eventually pulling a gun and shooting the suspect.

After being shot, the suspect fled before police could arrive. However, shortly later, Bexar County deputies were called to a nearby home. There, they discovered a man claiming he had been shot by an unknown person. However, after an investigation, deputies connected the man to the earlier home invasion.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has not identified the suspect. However, they have said he faces charges in connection with the incident.

San Antonio Husband and Wife Need to Consider Access

While the homeowner won this incident, it shows the importance of keeping a gun accessible. It also shows that folks should use care when investigating strange noises around the home.

The news story doesn’t mention whether the couple had children, which might explain why she went looking without a means of protection. However, it doesn’t explain why the husband didn’t react quicker. The sounds of fighting are loud, which should have given the husband time to obtain his gun and meet the suspect before he entered the bedroom.

The couple possibly keeps their guns locked up, which, of course, is good. However, accessibility is also an issue. Those who can’t quickly gain access to their home-defense gun might not have the chance. This is why gun owners should consider a small, fast-access safe that opens via a code or even biometrics. Other options include hidden compartments, such as clocks or picture frames. In any case, access needs to be considered as part of a home-defense plan, because when a gun is needed, it is needed fast.

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