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Everyone who carries a gun needs to obtain professional training. This includes everyone from beginners to those who have been shooting for years. However, some women have issues training in classes that mix the sexes; they want a course geared toward their needs. Well, SIG SAUER Academy now has ladies covered with a a new Women’s Concealed Carry course.

This class is available in the 2019 course schedule. In fact, the Academy is offering it three times this year, listing for the first class for April 18-19, 2019. The other courses are scheduled for August and November. Each class covers the skills needed and issues surrounding concealed carry for women.

SIG Academy Women’s Concealed Carry Course

To start, female firearm experts designed this women’s concealed carry course. They did this because deciding to carry a gun is a lifestyle choice, especially for women. Proper training for self-defense is necessary to gain confidence when it’s time to react. So, female instructors with years of firearms experience wrote this unique curriculum. It covers the objectives of a concealed carry lifestyle for women. This includes choosing a firearm and clothing selection based on body mechanics.

Women learn, from a female instructor, to properly present and recover from concealment, utilize cover and master defensive tactics. This course also offers students the opportunity to test a variety of concealed carry firearms, including the SIG SAUER P365.

The Importance of Training

Not everyone can afford to go to the SIG SAUER Academy; New Hampshire can be quite a haul and costs of travel and lodging must be including. However, every gun owner needs to obtain at least some gun training. In fact, training is even more important than choosing a gun to carry. So even if you can’t travel to Epping, find a qualified instructor to hone skills. National Rifle Association certified trainers can be found all across the country, providing courses for everyone from beginners to experts. In fact, even the best gunfighters benefit from input from other experts, and often obtain that input from the SIG SAUER Academy.

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