Tennessee Man Shoots Alleged Car Thief
(Photo by Pixabay.com)

Last Saturday evening, a Tennessee man was outside of his home when another man charged him. Luckily, he was carrying and shot his attacker, ending a police chase.

The incident began when an officer with the Dunlap Police Department tried to stop a possible stolen vehicle, according to the Times Free Press. The suspect fled, eventually leaving the city and heading toward the Smith Mountain area. However, the car became stuck, forcing the suspect to flee on foot. While officers from three departments searched, the suspect came out of the woods and up to a home.

“Around 8:15 pm officers received a call from a citizen who lives on Blue Sewannee Road,” said police via Facebook. “The homeowner who was outside the residence saw a male who charged at him. The homeowner who was on their property was armed and did fire one round at the suspect. The suspect was hit.”

Police arrived and arrested Tyler Shell before transporting him to Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga with non life-threatening injuries.

Tennessee Man Shows Importance of Carrying

A lot of concealed carriers remove their guns after arriving home. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can be prudent to keep the gun on your person around the house. This case expressly shows the reason. An attack can happen at any time, even when simply out to enjoy the evening.

Had the Tennessee man not been carrying, the situation could have ended differently, especially since officers believed he might have been armed. Of course, the reports don’t mention finding a gun on this suspect, but one never knows. Many folks willing to break the law don’t have a problem carrying a gun to enforce their will. Even if the suspect didn’t have a gun, fighting off the attack would have required a lot more effort.

Concealed carriers should consider keeping their guns on their person right up until bed and it goes into the safe. Then, they should keep it accessible in case of bumps in the night.

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