Vape Shop Employee Shoots and Kills Robber
(Photo by WITN)

Last week, a North Carolina vape shop employee shot and killed a robbery suspect who took a customer as a hostage, according to police.

The incident happened March 25 in Washington when Grant Waters allegedly entered Player’s Vape and demanded money, according to WITN. The reports also state that Waters used a customer as human shield during the robbery. In fact, Waters allegedly threatened several customers, while his accomplice waited outside. The pair allegedly took $735 during the robbery before the employee pulled his concealed carry gun and shot Waters.

Police arrived to find the suspect shot by the employee. He died at the scene. They also arrested his accomplice, identified as Mindy Sullivan. The pair was a couple, but not married. Police charged her with robbery with a dangerous weapon and first degree kidnapping. She is being held on a $150,000 bond. Police have not filed charges against the vape shot employee; the district attorney will make that decision.

Vape Shop Employee Took a Difficult Shot

Making a shot like this is very difficult, and is an excellent example of the importance of accuracy. Sure, speed shooting can also be beneficial, but if shots don’t hit the suspect, innocents can be injured.

This is why shooters need to work on accuracy first, and let speed come naturally. The old adage of slow is smooth and smooth is fast is absolutely true when firing a gun, especially in a self-defense situation. Shooters need to practice getting a gun into action smoothly, which translates into quickly if done properly. And when it comes to pulling a trigger accurately, bullseye drills are extremely beneficial.

Another drill to consider is a hostage scenario. This can be easily practiced by purchasing hostage targets or by placing a no-shot target in front of the shoot target. Hits on the wrong target shows the need to slow down and work on accuracy.

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