Vicksburg Resident Disarms, Shoots Robber
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Down in Mississippi, a 19-year-old Vicksburg resident came home to find his door ajar. As he carefully investigated the situation, another man walked out of a bedroom with a gun. The pair fought and the alleged robber absolutely received the worst end of the deal. The young resident shot and killed him with his own gun.

The Vicksburg Post reports the incident happened last week around 8 a.m. It also states that the suspect, 28-year-old Malcolm Robertson, had previously been in a relationship with the 19-year-old’s sister. She had filed a restraining order against Robertson, but it had recently expired.

Police arrived and transported Robertson to Merit Health River Region where doctors pronounced him dead. Investigators believe Robertson broke into the apartment, but are unsure of the motive. While no charged have been filed against the resident, the grand jury will go over and decided whether it should go to trial. It is highly unlikely that this case will ever go before a judge and jury, as the resident acted in self defense inside his own home.

Vicksburg Resident Has Unarmed Skills

While a gun makes a great equalizer, the person is the actual weapon, the gun is a tool, albeit a very useful tool. However, there are times when carrying is illegal or unpractical, or there is just not enough time to get it into play. For those times, folks need to have some degree of unarmed fighting skills.

Situations happen quickly, often with the aggressor having the element of surprise. It is very difficult to draw while fending off blows, but not impossible, particularly for those who have trained for this possibility. It is even better if folks would learn some hand-to-hand fighting skills for those times when a gun is unavailable or unnecessary. Not every situation requires the use of a gun, and unarmed skills provide more options of self defense.

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