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Which U.S. cities are getting more dangerous over time? Which are getting safer? The team at YLS ( tracked down FBI crime trends from 2006 to 2016 to determine which U.S. cities have seen the sharpest increases and decreases in crime over the past 10 years. Seven categories were included: Murder, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft and arson. Cities were then ranked based on their average numbers across the seven types of crime. Here’s how things broke down in regard to the safest cities in the U.S., where folks might want to learn more about the ways of self defense.

25 Cities Getting More Dangerous

These 25 cities have seen more crimes of all types over the past decade. Charleston, West Virginia, tops the list with double the arson counts from 2006 to 2016, even with a population decrease. In fact, nine of the bottom 25 cities have had a decrease in population, which means their crimes per capita have increased all the more dramatically.

  1. Charleston, West Virginia
  2. Cleveland Heights, Ohio
  3. Portland, Texas
  4. Kyle, Texas
  5. Port Lavaca, Texas
  6. Lumberton, North Carolina
  7. Elk City, Oklahoma
  8. Brown Deer, Wisconsin
  9. Sweetwater, Texas
  10. Aiken, South Carolina
  11. Burkburnett, Texas
  12. Ormond Beach, Florida
  13. Belton, Missouri
  14. Zachary, Louisiana
  15. Pueblo, Colorado
  16. Central Point, Oregon
  17. South Charleston, West Virginia
  18. Pineville, Louisiana
  19. Jamestown, New York
  20. Rochester, New Hampshire
  21. Hamburg Town, New York
  22. Mitchell, South Dakota
  23. Rapid City, South Dakota
  24. Anchorage, Alaska
  25. Lyndhurst, Ohio

25 Cities Getting Safer

These cities experienced the greatest decrease in criminal activity for the six types of crime YLS measured. The city with the most improvement from 2006 to 2016 is Salisbury, Maryland. It improved substantially in several areas, including a 100-percent decrease in arson and a 63-percent decrease in burglary.

  1. Salisbury, Maryland
  2. Riviera Beach, Florida
  3. Norristown, Pennsylvania
  4. Saginaw, Michigan
  5. Ypsilanti, Michigan
  6. Easton, Pennsylvania
  7. Florence, South Carolina
  8. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  9. Dallas, Texas
  10. North Little Rock, Arkansas
  11. Youngstown, Ohio
  12. Reading, Pennsylvania
  13. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  14. Sacramento, California
  15. East Orange, New Jersey
  16. Newport, Kentucky
  17. Flagstaff, Arizona
  18. Eloy, Arizona
  19. Rochester, New York
  20. Casa Grande, Arizona
  21. Allentown, Pennsylvania
  22. Conway, South Carolina
  23. Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina
  24. North Charleston, South Carolina
  25. Columbus, Ohio

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