Alabama Concealed Carrier Awaited Opportunity
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As a man was standing in the parking lot of a Publix supermarket talking to his mother, two armed robbers decided to pounce. However, the man was an Alabama concealed carrier with an understanding of timing.

The incident began last Thursday in Huntsville when Precious Howard and Deangelo Lindsay parked behind the mother and son. The pair then allegedly climbed out with guns and demanded money. Rocket City Now says that Howard held her gun on the mother, while Lindsay aimed at the son. However, Lindsay shifted his gun toward the mother, providing an opportunity for the son to fight back. He pulled his own concealed carry gun and shot Lindsay. At the shot, Lindsay dropped his gun and Howard took off, followed by Lindsay. They climbed back into their car and tried to drive away. While this was happening, the son grabbed the dropped gun and tossed it into his car.

The suspects didn’t get far, wrecking their vehicle a short distance away. Police arrived quickly to arrest Howard and transport Lindsay to the Huntsville Hospital. Later, they determined the vehicle the suspects used had been stolen in a recent carjacking. Police are trying to determine if more crimes are linked to the pair.

Alabama Concealed Carrier Awaited Opportunity

While many gun owners like to believe that they would instantly fight back in a situation, it is often better to await an opportunity. In fact, compliance can often be the safest method, but this requires some understanding of bad folks and their intentions. You might as well fight back if you believe the robber is going to shoot anyway. However, if you’re going to fight back, it is usually best to wait until the opportune moment to act. This, of course, is what the Alabama man did. He probably figured that the female suspect was less likely to pull the trigger. So, when the male suspect shifted his gun, the son drew and fired.

This could even have been semi-planned on part of the mother and son. The mother could have said something to draw attention off the son to give him opportunity. This is actually something that family members should consider. It is never a bad idea to have a few basic plans just in case a bad situation happens.

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