Armed Store Employee Shoots Robber, shooting
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We spend a lot of time discussing the importance of paying attention to surroundings. This includes watching the body language of those nearby to determine whether a person might have bad intentions. Listening to conversations provide additional clues. In this graphic video, an armed store employee was paying particular attention to a customer’s interaction about a phone. So, he was ready when the customer turned into a robber.

Now there is no information about when or even where this happened. This also brings up concerns that it might not be real, as video such as this usually accompany a news story. However, it still shows the importance of situational awareness, particularly paying attention to body language.

The incident begins with an employee taking to a customer, while another employee sits behind the counter. The conversation looks fairly normal, but the customer does talk with his hands quite a bit. After a short talk, the employee gets down and hands over the product the pair were discussing. It’s hard to tell whether the item is a phone or a phone cover. Either way, the customer pulls it out of the packaging and gives it a quick look before putting in on the counter and trying to draw a gun from his waistband.

He doesn’t get far, as about the time he gets the gun out, he’s hit with a round, right around the solar plexus, which puts him down hard. The employee then walks up and kicks the gun away, as people walk out of the back to see what happened.

Lessons to Learn From Armed Store Employee Incident

There are few better examples of someone properly using situational awareness than this one. The employee behind the counter knew something was off, possibly from the conversation as the video has no sound. Of course, the bad guy also touched his shirt a couple of times, which might have made the employee think he saw a gun printing. Or maybe the hands twitching toward the waistband gave it away. There is no way of knowing, but the employee was paying attention to pre-attack cues and was ready to handle the situation.

When the bad guy started to pull his gun, the employee drew much faster and took his shot. Now the bad guy fumbled badly, but the employee still had a fairly quick draw. What he did best, though, was effectively put the robber down with a center mass shot, which is the ideal location to aim in all situations. However, this doesn’t mean a person always shoots at the center of the body. Aiming at center mass means that should aim at the center of what can be seen. This way, small misalignments of the sights still result in a hit.

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