Blackhawk has long been known for its retention holsters. However, shooters either love or hate the company’s Serpa holster; very few people have mixed feelings for this retention duty holster. Now, the company has brought out a new holster with retention capabilities — the Blackhawk T-Series Retention Holster — that fixes most people’s issues.

The biggest change in the T-Series is the release button. With the Serpa, shooters must use their trigger fingers to release the gun. Some believe that this can cause the problem of pushing the trigger finder into the trigger guard. On the its latest retention holster, Blackhawk moved the release lever to the other side to be activated, or released, via the thumb. So, this takes the trigger finger back to its intended job and only its intended job.

Blackhawk designed this holster to release via a shooter’s master grip; the thumb naturally slides to the release lever. However, Blackhawk also designed this holster so that the release lever must be accessed from directly above. This provides extra security against someone trying to grab the gun from behind or in a fight.

Blackhawk T-Series Retention Holster

Shooters can obtain a T-Series with either Level 2 or Level 3 retention. Level 2 holsters use only the thumb release, while the Level 3 includes an additional strap over the slide of the gun to provide extra security. What’s really interesting, though, is that this holster doesn’t require the standard two separate motions to release the retention. On the T-Series, shooters simply need to depress the thumb release to bypass levels of retention, as the strap is spring loaded.

In the construction of this holster, Blackhawk used a two-stage manufacturing process. This produces a strong exterior with an elastomeric interior. This interior is waterproof and slick, but its also noise dampening. The holster comes with the company’s three-hole pattern for attaching belt loops and spacers. It can also be adjusted both forward and backward for cant.

Currently, Blackhawk produces mostly fits for Glock pistols. However, it also has both right- and left-hand fits for the SIG P320. More fits should be coming, along with cuts for reflex sights and options for weapon lights.

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