Chicago Permit Holder Shoots Armed Robber, Beretta
(Photo by Beretta)

Chicago is known for a lot things, like hot dogs, deep-dish “pizza,” strict gun laws and a high rate of violent crime. However, since Illinois residents can now obtain concealed carry permits, the Windy City is steadily becoming known for fighting back. Case in point is the recent incident where a Chicago permit holder shot a robber in the head.

The incident happened in the Little Village area on the southwest side of the city around 4:15 p.m. on Monday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The victim claims that he was walking into an apartment alley when another man approached and pulled a gun. However, the victim also had a gun, and was able to draw and fire on his alleged attacker. The bullet struck the 20-year-old attacker in the head, ending the robbery attempt.

Police responded to the call before transporting the alleged attacker to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition. They determined that the victim had a valid FIOD, as well as a carry permit. The victim received no injuries in the incident.

Chicago Permit Holder Benefited From Carry Laws

At one point Chicago practically banned guns and concealed carry. Illinois wasn’t much better, particularly in regard to handguns. However, residents can now own guns and obtain a concealed-carry permit, if they’re willing to go through the process.

To purchase a gun, Illinois residents must obtain a Firearm Owner’s Identification card (FOID). This is required for both long guns and handguns. Since 2013, after the NRA sued the city and the legislature passed a carry law, Illinois residents, even in Chicago, can apply and receive a carry permit. The state now has a “shall issue” permit system with some exceptions; local law enforcement can object to an applicant if they think the applicant is a danger to public safety or themselves.

However, the state doesn’t recognize permits from other states, but will currently issue non-resident permits to four states. These states have similar requirement to Illinois. The victim in this case was willing to go through the process to obtain the necessary permits to carry in Chicago. He also trained enough to become proficient, which probably saved his life.

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